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EMU Podcast | The #FOAMed podcast for Junior Doctors in Australia

Episode #2 – An Interview with Andrew Dixon of Radiopaedia

27 Apr
April 27, 2015

Episode #2 Already?


I’ve been holding on to this little beauty for far too long and the highlight of the interview is little more than two weeks away…


Saturday 16, May


Featuring Andrew Dixon (Radiopaedia Managing Editor) and Frank Gaillard (Radiopaedia Founder)

Emergency Radiology Course Flyer.001


Apologies for the poor audio quality of some sections of the interview.  I was excited, speaking loudly… and therefore clipping.

Though I did manage to get Andrew on tape for some really clinically useful information as well, we spoke so much about Radiopaedia and its various mediums as well as the upcoming courses that I couldn’t fit it all in!  Doesn’t change the fact that this is absolutely worth a listen.  It just means more goodies to come!

We Discuss:

  • Dr. Andrew Dixon:
    • Andrew is a radiologist and passionate radiology educator. He is a managing editor for Radiopaedia.org, one of the world’s leading radiology websites. In late 2012 he founded the Radiology Channel, a popular educational channel on YouTube, which has over 24,000 subscribers and more than 600,000 video views. His Radiology Signs page on Facebook is liked by more than 750,000 people.
    • Andrew graduated from Monash University in 2005 and completed his radiology training at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. He underwent subspecialty fellowship training in magnetic resonance imaging, gaining advanced skills in musculoskeletal and neuroradiology. Andrew works as a full time consultant radiologist at the Alfred Hospital and also maintains an affiliation with Imaging at Olympic Park.
    • Andrew is a strong advocate for science-based medicine and has been the recipient of multiple awards and scholarships. He has authored many research articles, contributed to two book publications, and presented at nine scientific meetings including five international meetings. In 2012 he was an invited presenter at the IFSO World Congress in New Delhi. In 2013 he presented at the RANZCR Annual Scientific Meeting in Auckland. In 2014 he co-hosted the Neuroradiology ‘stump the stars’ session at the RANZCR combined scientific meeting.
    • Twitter: @DrAndrewDixon
    • Linkedin… Where I borrowed this lovely bio from.
  • Radiopaedia
  • Radiology Signs
  • Radiology Channel
    • Sadly, I realised afterwards that we definitely had not discussed this amazing resource.  Only laid mention to it.  More to come. And yes, that includes Andrew Dixon/EMU Podcast collaborative videos.


ADDITION: Andrew has asked that I am sure to be clear that there is no forthcoming Android App.  Radiopaedia is increasing their sites mobile compatibility to make it more accessible from all devices.


Fig. 1 The excellent pie chart retort I mentioned.


It’s not far off so sign up for the course at radiopaedia.org/courses!


Episode 1 – A Crash Course in #FOAMed Pt. 2

18 Apr
April 18, 2015

It’s here.  The second instalment of A Crash Course in #FOAMed.

A lot of resources are mentioned so download the show notes to review or click the individual links below.

*There are many, many more amazing resources that I wish I could have covered but I can’t hit ’em all, so these are just a few the top ones for junior docs with an emphasis on Australasian resources.


Crash Course Part. 2 SHOW NOTES


#FOAMed Browser EMU_Bird_GreyBookmarks


EMU_Bird_WhiteTwitter List: FOAMed Jr. 

All of the Twitter handles mentioned are included in this list plus a whole lot of other Aussie and worldwide FOAMers you should listen to.  I’ve made it extensive but tried to keep it from being an overwhelming cohort.

Lecture Slides

Some* Must Know FOAM



SMACC Chicago


EMcrit Podcast


Free EM Talks



Some* FOAM for the Junior Doc

EM Basic     –     FOAMcast     –     EM Res Podcast

Some* FOAM Australia

Don’t Forget the Bubbles     –     Broome Docs     –     EM Tutorials

Injectable Orange     –     PHARM Podcast     –     Resus.me

RAGE Podcast


The SGEM     –     REBEL EM     –     SMART EM

Some* FOAM for the Medical Student

FOAMedstudent     –     IV Line

Some* FOAM Imaging

Radiopaedia    –     Ultrasound Podcast

Some* More FOAM

St Emlyn’s Blog     –     St Emlyn’s Hospital     –     Boring EM

iTeachEM     –     EM Cases     –     EM Nerd

The Trauma Professional’s Blog     –     The Poison Review

EM Lyceum     –     Critical Care Now

Not So FOAM …but very Meducation


Don’t miss this…Radiopaedia_EM_Course_Event_Poster_Square

Episode 1 – A Crash Course in #FOAMed Pt. I

23 Mar
March 23, 2015

It is finally here – EMU Podcast: Episode 1 Part 1: A Crash Course in #FOAMed

Part 1 covers the following topics in Free Open Access Medical Education:

– History

– Standalone benefits and benefits over traditional education

– Pitfalls to avoid when using FOAM

This episode (Pt. I+II) is targeted at the FOAM naïve.  So the content may not be exciting for the bulk of listeners, but please share with anyone whom you think could benefit from the episode.

I have purposely separated this episode into two parts and am delaying release of Pt. II to make sure any listeners appreciate the importance of understanding FOAM  Pros AND CONS before diving in.

Lecture Slides from my University of Queensland (UQ) Toowoomba Rural Clinical School (RCS) Lectures upon which this episode is based are available here: *Lecture_#FOAMed Crash Course

Exported Bookmarks of FOAM Resources will be released with Part II.


I have accidentally credited Australian Nicholas Chrimes with Nicholas Genes’ EP Monthly Article: PRO/CON: Why #FOAMed is NOT essential to EM education in my Audio Podcast.  Lo siento Nick Genes (@nickgenes).

Shownotes EMU Podcast Episode 01 – March 2015

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EMU Podcast now available on iTunes

20 Mar
March 20, 2015

EMU Podcast has now been picked up by iTunes.  Start subscribing folks…

EMU Podcast Has been Picked Up by iTunes

Episode #0.99 – A Disclaimer

02 Mar
March 2, 2015

Ok, so before you guys listen to anything I say, I do want to put a disclaimer out there.

This was written using the format posted by Steve Carroll of EM Basic and …oh …my, it’s a doozy. Even in its current state it spans a full minute.
I post it in audio form once here once and know that it applies to all blog posts and podcasts. I won’t tag it on any other episodes.  Just know that it applies.
If for some reason you would like to reference it, know that it will always be on EMUpodcast.com under “Disclaimer.”

Episode #0.5: A Prologue

01 Mar
March 1, 2015

Hey guys, I think I have almost made my promise.  The first (pre)episode is here and I have just missed February for release. Apologies, I totally forgot it was such a short month!

      This episode is just an explanation of the project.  I sound a bit silly as it is scripted, but not to fear(!) later episodes are planned but unscripted.
      I will also add that a lot of people have joined the team since this recording.  Including the “Reading Radiographer” team at Egg Cup Training to provide frequent radiology tips.  Andrew Dixon (a Managing Editor at Radiopaedia) and I have also recorded a multi segment interview.  Later, he and I will be producing some videos on reading common emergency/trauma images in the ED.
      I want you involved in any way, including feedback.  Technical quality will improve over the upcoming episodes, but provide your thoughts on the actual episodes as they roll out.

Thanks for listening!
Awaiting iTunes to add my channel.

Email: nichfern@emupodcast.com
Twitter: @emupodcast
My lovely graphic designer: Denise Burke – denisejburke@gmail.com
Apologies for the convoluted links… yet again plagued by technical issues.  This all be worked out as I move along.

It’s Alive! It’s ALIVE!

11 Feb
February 11, 2015

After much wait and A LOT of groundwork you can expect the EMU Episodes to start rolling by the end of February.

EMU_Bird_RedEMU_Bird_Grey EMU_Bird_Grey_LightEMU_Bird_BlackEMU_Bird_Red

Apologies for the numerous site changes… this is all very new to me.  Bare with me.

If you haven’t already (as unlikely as that is):

Follow on Twitter @emupodcast

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And of course, if you would like to be involved in ANY way, contact at nichfern@emupodcast.com

I truly hope this becomes a collaborative effort… not the Dr. Nich show.